Young People’s Concerts

What are the Young People’s Concerts?

The Young People’s Concerts are annual children’s concerts offered to all 4th-6th graders in Lincoln and its surrounding areas. This season we are offering these performances both in person and virtually. This unique opportunity consists of a 45-minute live and streamed concert at the Lied Center for Performing Arts in Lincoln. Nearly 5,000 students and teachers attended this event each year. In many cases, this experience is a first opportunity to hear a live symphony orchestra. Additionally, we work with Lincoln Public Schools to provide lesson plans for teachers to incorporate into their classroom curriculum.

How Can Our School Attend?

LSO’s 2023 Young People’s Concerts, “The Orchestra Sings,” was held in person on Monday, October, 2023 at 11:15am.

Check back in soon for details about LSO’s 24-25 Season’s Young People’s Concerts!

If you have any questions, you may call LSO’s office at (402) 476-2211 ext. 2 or email


Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra, in conjunction with a music curriculum team at Lincoln Public Schools, specially prepares lesson plans that music teachers may use in preparing their students for the Young People’s Concerts. These help prepare students to understand the musical concepts used in the concert such as rhythm, melody, and harmony, and also detail the featured composers and the cultural and historical context of their music.

YPC October 2023 Lesson Guide