Michael R. Thompson

Michael Thompson joined the trumpet section of Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra in 1988, and won the Principal Trumpet chair in 2003. He has also served as Second Trumpet in the Nebraska Chamber Orchestra and was a member of the Omaha Symphony trumpet section from 1985 to 2007. Michael is a frequent substitute in the San Diego Symphony trumpet section, and is the founder and manager of the Palladium Brass Quintet and the Omaha Brass Ensemble. His most recent project is Brassisimo, a touring brass ensemble based in Southern California. He has studied with Stan Hahn, freelance trumpeter; Robert Weast, Professor of Trumpet, Drake University; Dennis Schneider, Professor of Trumpet, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; and Stephen Erickson, former Principal Trumpet of the Omaha Symphony. In addition to his work as a trumpeter, Mr. Thompson is also the owner of Thompson Music Co., a professional shop for brass players located in Elkhorn, NE.